Ikanti Shelter I

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The Ikanti paintings, which are situated on a scenic walk not far from Sani Pass Hotel, have been identified by the Natal Museum and Conservation Services as being of great cultural importance. They can be visited with an accredited guide. The nearby Cobham Nature Reserve has some of the best sites south of the Didima Valley and it is possible to hire a guide to visit a selection of them.
These Bushman Paintings are part of our national heritage – help us to preserve them.

To visit this shelter visitors have two options, and both include fees into the park:

Option 1: to visit the shelter with the Sani Lodge Backpackers it will cost R240 pp. for a group of 2 people, including  lunch. R210 pp. including lunch, if the group is made by more than 2 people. Tours will  starting at 8:30 am, return at 4 pm.

Option 2: to visit the shelter with a local guide called Mbu Zuma (cell: 084 011 8789). The tour will cost R180 pp., excluding lunch. Arrangements can be made for groups and family tours.

For accommodation in the area please visit the following sites:

Sani Lodge: http://www.sanilodge.co.za/

Southern Drakensberg: www.drakensberg.org

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