Main Caves I

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For many years Main Caves in the Giant's Castle Nature Reserve was the premier South African site open to the public. Some new modifications by KwaZulu-Natal Nature Conservation and plans for future improvements will ensure that the site will maintain its position as an ideal place for one-day visits for tour groups and families.

Main Caves is situated in an area steeped in South African history.

It was close to this site that in 1873 the Hlubi leader, Langalibalele, made a bid for Lesotho just over the high 'Berg to escape the authority of the Colonial government. His route can still be seen and is known as Langalibalele's Pass. A magistrate, Joseph Millerd Orpen, was sent from the Eastern Cape in pursuit of Langalibalele to try to convince him to return to his lands and submit to colonial authority.

As mentioned in the Introduction, a young San man called Qing accompanied Orpen as a guide, and on their journey they visited rock art sites in present-day Lesotho. Orpen recorded Qing's comments on the paintings that they saw, and today, together with the Bleek and Lloyd Collection, the Orpen material stands as an invaluable insight into the meaning of San rock art.

To visit the site, visitors will need to pay a fee to get into the park first, which is R25 P/P and R13 for children. This painted shelter is easily accessible  and it is 50 minutes walk from the Giants Castle camp. The site is fenced and  guided tours start at the cave entrance hourly from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm. And it will cost R 30p/p and R15 for children (tickets available at Giants Castle reception phone 036 3533718). This is an extensively painted cave although it has  badly weathered  over time. The Park authorities have built  walk ways to protect  the cave floor and   prevent direct access to the rock face.  There is also a  life sized  bushman  model scene depicting the life of a bushman family.  The guides are informative and will explain the various panels.


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