South African Museum

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The South African Museum (SAM) in Cape Town, is  the oldest public museum in South Africa, was established in 1825 and has since then been accumulating collections. It's collections comprise of Dorothea Bleek, George Stow, Helen Tongue, Leo Victor Frobenius, Richard Townley Johnson, Louis Albert Peringuey and Albert J.H Goodwin among others.

The South African Museum was founded by Lord Charles Somerset and is the second oldest scientific institute in the country - the Royal Observatory was established just five years earlier. It is both a research and educational institution and offers collections of natural history and anthropological objects that document all forms of life - living and extinct - from southern Africa.

Collections here range from fossils to insects and fish; there are Stone Age tools, over 120 000 years old, side by side with displays of traditional clothes from last century.

The South African Museum offers a diverse range of exhibitions and visitors have not failed to leave the Museum with a better understanding of the earth and its biological and cultural diversity - both past and present. The museum is located in Company Gardens, at the opposite end to the House of Parliament, with its entrance on Queen Victoria Street.

The South African Museum also traces the material cultural heritage of our indigenous populations back to their earliest origins, and the research collections are studied by scientists and students world-wide. The South African Museum is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Cape Town and over 400 000 people visit the museum each year.

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