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Image Type:   Primary digital image, Rock Painting
Image Id:   IZI GWS 01 71D
Site Id:   RSA VEN1
Country:   South Africa
Province:   Free State
District:   Wepener
Date:   2007
Filing location original:   Iziko Museums of Cape Town
Collection:   GWS
Image Ref:   IZI-GWS-01-71D.jpg
Ground Material:   Digital storage
Who holds the copyright:   Iziko Museums of Cape Town
Medium/Format:   Digital
Photographer:   Bloemhoff, Jakes
Copy by:   Stow, George
Description:   Cattle and dogs. Depictions of cattle in rock art are common in some regions. Often they are accompanied by Iron Age people carrying broad-bladed iron spears, shields and knobkerries.
Original size:   28.96 x 41.86cm
Accessibility:   To be handled by conservator only